Artist Statement:

My work is inspired by the dancer’s body moving through space. My thoughts of love, joy, and sorrow are expressed through my hands.   If I am away from my studio for a few days, I begin to feel withdrawn and alone, with a yearning to express myself.  When I return to my studio I let my mind wander and my hands go where they will.

The forms of my work are sometimes simple, at other times complex, but always abstract.  I am not interested in reality, but in form and line.  I want the viewer’s eye (and hand in the case of my sculpture) to move gracefully over the object with a desire to caress the surface.  I invite physical participation from the viewer, trying to evoke a desire to enter the work, to find mystery in the openings, to linger, and begin to feel the soul of the piece; then, perhaps the viewer’s imagination will wander across the sometimes erotic surfaces.

Recently, mark – making has become of interest to me.  The work has taken the form of a painted mark done with life size brush filmed while performing a Tai Chi movement set to music.  Additionally, there are painted works overlaid with marks reminiscent of a dancer moving through space.



 After a successful 35-year career as a fiber artist, Florence Suerig began working in clay in 2000. Suerig has exhibited at venues including the American Craft Museum (now the American Museum of Art &Design) in New York City; Craft USA ’08 Triennial at Silvermine Guild Galleries, CT; and in All Fired Up! At Westchester Community College, NY. Her new sculptural works are the result of several years of intense exploration of the medium and reflect sensitivity to color, form, surface and line.

 Recently, Suerig has concentrated on painting marks on canvas and paper with color and line gesture as if dancing in space.